More Pictures from Christmas 1998 plus a few extra ones

Ramona #1

As you can see, most of these are actually pictures of Ramona taken by Evan around the time of Christmas 1998. They do show some of the living room furniture that you my not have seen Mother. We were also in the process of trying to pick some carpets for the living and dining areas. You can see some of them rolled up in one of the pictures. We had Iranian sales people coming by and unrolling then to try and sell them to us.

There are many more pictures that are scanned already but I haven't had time to include them in this page. I'll add them later. All the pictures can be viewed larger by clicking the left mouse button with the cursor over the small copy.

Ramona giving her vote on one of the carpets.

Ramona #2

View of living room.

Ramona #2

Ramona at one of her warm spots

Ramona #3

The front of the house a month, or so, before Christmas.

Fall 1998

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Pictures by Evan and Roger