Notes on Section of Trail between Green Gate and Finish

From training run in 1997

Monday - Green Gate to School

Ran very cautiously, particularly the downhills. Considered not running then dropping at 49. Foot did not seem to get much worse during the run but the last downhill before the school was difficult. Turned right after the bridge and ended up in town. Had to climb back up the hill.

The first 1+ miles from Green Gate are downhill and runnable. Then there is a 130ft climb, then level past two creeks. First mile marker is 19. Picked up another 100ft through second creek. Switch backs and long climb to 520ft. Steep right after switch backs then slow and runnable (slow) to 520 just past the 17.5 mile marker. Then level or down till about 14 miles when there was another slight climb, in two sections, at an open area. Height reached was 780, I think. Get down to river after crossing marginal creek. Trail then turns into jeep like road with generally up rolls to right turn to 49. Run lower part, walk the steep in center, cross stream then run up through trees to 49. 2.5hrs roughly to 49. Added another 600 ft here. Total up at finish line was 2460. Total elapsed time to school was 4:08 including detour into town after turning right after rr bridge. Ran very cautiously, particularly the downhill, due to irritated tendons in left instep.

A 24hr pace allows 6hrs for this section, including the climb from the river to Green Gate. In general run everything to 49 except for the obvious longer up sections.

Additional notes from 1999 Training Run

Monday: Green gate to finish. Timed from start of run at top of Sliger Mine Road. 3:38 to finish. First marker was 20.5, on left in bushes. First steep over by mile 19. Walk the steep bit after switch back, around mile 17.

I've included here three e-mails that I wrote to previous pacers - two to Joy in 1997 and one to Bryan in 1999. The one to Bryan also contains my notes on the last 20 miles of the trail.

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