Fluids/Fuel/Electrolytes for this Year

Last year the drink that seemed to go down best and was most convenient for my crew was Clip. Clip comes is individual packets of the amount for a 20oz or so bottle. The other one I used was Amino which needs to be measured out of a large plastic bag. I'll probably use both this year, starting out with Amino or Ultra, drinking Gatoraid, or whatever is available, at the aid stations along the way and switching to Clip whenever my crew can get to me.

Both Clip and Amino contain complex carbohydrate (maltodextrin), and protein (from whey, in the case of Clip, and in the form of amino acids, in the case of Amino). Clip also has some fat (medium chain triglycerides). Clip does not contain any salt so taking separate salt caps is essential.

I am firmly convinced that taking large quantities of salt last year had a large positive effect. I took close to one Succeed! Electrolyte cap each hour.

And, as always, the grease of choice this year will be Bag Balm!

This page last updated on June 16th 2000.