Crew Notes for the Western States Run 2000

Before setting out for Tahoe . . .

Cathy suggested taking quilts, rather than sleeping bags, up to the Lodge (I'm taking my sleeping bag!). This year there will be people coming up the night before for a bike ride on Saturday. Last minute cleaning up should only involve breakfast things and our rooms - we can do the rest on Friday.

It would appear that there will not be a moon for the night hours. Here is a note sent by Jack Major of the Ski Club: The moon info for 6/22 and 23 is:

New moon on 6/21, farthest north of equator on 6/22, and in perigee on 6/23 so it looks like it will be real dark during the race.

Saturday morning agenda

This year I have to pick up my number at the start of the race, again, so need to be there early. I'll leave the Lodge at around 4:35 to give me 20 minutes to hassle this. I suggest that you get up at 4:30 or whatever it takes to leave at the same time.

Last year the run started at the Patio in front of the old Gondola building. Meet at the corner where the Oyster Bar used to be. You will need to grab my sweats, the "aid" bottle, and car keys if I drive over.

You may be able to get some coffee and walk up the trail before the start. Start is at 5:00 am. A couple of years ago I saw Bob Lind fire off the shotgun - he would have made a great photo silliotted against the dawn light. After, grab some Danish and head back to the Lodge to pack up and exit.

Note from Cathy last year: left lodge at 6:45

Stop by the Foothills Motel on the way from Squaw - Pete is taking the original Motel 8 room - to drop off some of the cars. I will do an early check-in on the way up on Wednesday so you wont need to do this unless you want to unload some stuff into the rooms. Actually, would probably be a good idea to get keys, if they will let you have them, to avoid the chore later. You can get ice at Flyer's gas station (was Crazy Harry's), if you need it. When packing up the car don't forget that you will need warm stuff for the river if you don't want to drive back to Auburn before hiking down there. Both Foothills and Motel 8 are located on the North side of 80 at its junction with the Auburn Ravine Road. If you need gas, Crazy Harry's has that too.

Make your way to Foresthill. Note Drivers Flat Road as you pass it, 6.6 miles from Hwy. 80. Remember that "A marvelous pancake breakfast will be served at Foresthill School from 6:00 am to 11:00 am". They also have an "Indian Taco" lunch/supper. Also of interest at Foresthill are the Peacocks. If you hear them they will be up the fir tree on the left one half block up Soap Street. Soap starts opposite the Forest House Hotel and Restaurant.

Robinson Flat (mile 30)

Time 1999 (97,96) 11:15 (11:20, 11:24)

Note from Cathy last year: arrived here at 10:45 after dropping cars in Auburn and getting gas at crazy Harrys (Flyers). Left at 11:45

I'm not sure how much you will want to schlep here but some kind of chair, as I will want to change shoes, a towel, or something similar, to prevent a foot lubed with Bag Balm from hitting the dirt, and a wet face cloth/paper towels to wipe off anything needing it, will all help. Don't forget plenty of fluids for yourself. Cathy: Handi Wipes

Snow wont be a problem this year but I'll attempt to keep the same pace. I would rather be later than earlier at this point.

Everything I need plus medical kit is in the purple pack. Add water to drinks, screw lid on tight, depress valve. Even then bottles may leak - keep upright. Remind me to use Bag Balm and to grab a fresh lot of salt tablets.

Pack contains:

Food that is in the ice chest (milk, eggs, ensure?, ice, etc.) needs to be added to the pack. Also, thermos with tea.

Stove, pan, matches and tea bags (in pan), wind shield for stove, extra first aid, and space blanket are in red stuff sack.

Back at the car swap shoes for #20. I probably wont change again but want them around just in case. Refill water bottles, including partly used ones. Shoes and clothes are in yellow stuff sack

Michigan Bluff (mile 56)

Time 1999 (97,96) 4:44pm (5:01, 5:18)

From Cathy's Notes last year: Arrived here at 1pm - need blanket to crash on. Fill Roger's bottles at car. Bring lots of water. Towel

At this point, if all has gone well, I could be ahead by a few minutes. It will likely be hot and you will have to wait for awhile. Take plenty of drink for yourselves and don't forget the ice chest with the Häagen-Dazs

Everything I need is still in the pack except:

At this point it may not be a bad idea for me to take a few minutes to recharge - soup, perhaps, from the aid station. It didn't seem to hurt to take 35 minutes in 1998. Let's try and keep it to 10 minutes, though.

Remember the race hasn't started yet. The first three quarters is about staying in shape for the last 25%

Foresthill/Bath Road (mile 62/60.6)

Time, Foresthill 1999 (97, 96) 6:18 pm (6:46, 6:52)

Elapsed time from leaving Michigan Bluff to arriving at Foresthill School 1:24 (1:16, 1:26)

Last year was a little unusal - probably take 1:15 this year but could be up on a 24 Hr pace by as much as 45 minutes. This would get me in at the School at 6:15 pm and, if I'm still in good shape, would be a comfortable position to be in.

This is the beginning of the change over to the evening/night part of the race. Pick up first set of lights. Is it getting cold by the river? Do I need to carry a jacket? Probably not, but any information would be helpful. Laura will be a great source of information, here. If the car is parked on the road after the school we could stop by on the way out.

Note on flash lights

Keep the yellow Garrity flashlights for Laura and me. You can use the rest. Make sure you keep any that I hand back separate so I know I will be given fresh ones. Last year I dumped my pack at Hwy. 49 and picked up the 4 cell larger yellow one. Lights are in the brown bag.

If anyone comes down Bath Road (Lori?), bring the "aid" bottle so I can drink it on the way up. It is a mile uphill from the aid at Bath Road to Foresthill Road - I will walk this section. 0.6 Miles on the flat from here to the School - I may run this.

I want to leave Foresthill with:

Tea is always a good idea.

From Cathy's notes last year: Orange bag has extra flash lights and assortment of warmer clothes - have handy.

Laura should have pacer #140 at this point. If she doesn't pick it up at Squaw she can get it from "Pacer Central" at Foresthill School - I think Mo Livermore runs it.

River Crossing (mile 78)

Time 1999 (97, 96) 9:19 (10:14, 10:50)

Elapsed time from leaving Foresthill to arriving the nearside of the river 3:01 (3:17, 3:40)

Elapsed time of 3:01 here is good (four hours is normal for a 24 hr pace). Probably wont be much better this year but if I leave the School at 6:15 I could be at the river at 9:15 (which would be outstanding if I have any legs left).

This year the crew will be hiking down from Drivers Flat to the Rucky Chucky, a distance of 3.0 miles and a large drop. Bring flash lights and warm clothes as it might be cold when it gets dark. I would suggest getting a bite to eat in Foresthill to avoid having to go into Auburn and then driving back out. Check out the restaurents ahead of time so you can make a quick decision as I would imagine other people will have the same thoughts.

Laura will probably go down to the river with you and is familiar with the ropes anyway, but if she wanted to go to the far side we can pick up her car later or someone can drive over there with her. Directions: Drive back to Auburn and turn left on Lincoln Way (it parallels the freeway). At intersection with 49 turn left. Proceed 2 miles down steep winding road before right turn at bridge (you will see No Hands Bridge on the right). Cross the American River and continue by climbing up Highway 49. You will pass 49 Crossing (rock quarry on left) after 2.3 miles. Proceed another 1.1 miles to Highway 193 - it's the only light in the town of Cool. Turn left and continue on 193 for 6.1 miles to Sliger Mine Road, a 'T' junction on left. Lance's Place is on right. Left on Sliger Mine Road for a maximum of 3.8 miles untill you see parked cars. Do not drive past the last parking slot!

Take down to the river:

See if you can round up a cup of coffee ahead of my arrival or take some down to the river in a thermos. Again get a reading on temperature for rest of run and advise on clothing.

Don't forget to look after Laura - if she's well hydrated and drinks at all the aid stations one bottle should be enough. She also needs a flash light - I will have a spare.

Highway 49(mile 93.5)

Time 1999 (97, 96) 1:13 (2:30, 3:32)

Elapsed time from leaving the nearside of the river to arriving at Hwy. 49 3:54 (4:06, 4:35)

A 24 hr pace through this section is 4 hrs., and I seem to have been close to this each time I have run it.

You may have a long wait here and will be tired and, maybe, cold. Get sleeping bags out of car if you have them - it's possible to swing by the school on the way from Driver's Flat. Also space blankets, fleece jackets, etc. If you have some soup or something in a thermos for yourselves (or have Lori fire up the stove and make some!)

Things may well be different here this year. Here is the e-mail that Greg sent on the subject:

The Hwy. 49 Crossing Aid Station will not be open to crew vehicles this year. New federal mining laws have required us to construct and set up the aid station on the west side of Hwy. 49, across the street from the old aid station site. Crews will continue to be allowed at this important aid station, but they must take a shuttle bus from the town of Cool to a drop-off point near the aid station, a distance of approximately one mile. Cool is south of the aid station on Hwy. 49. A small business district is in the middle of town. Mainstreet Cafe and Grill will be open all night and crews are welcome. The shuttle will leave from this establishment. The highway is narrow and vehicular traffic travels very fast in the area of the aid station. Please use extreme caution when exiting or boarding the shuttle bus. Absolutely no parking will be allowed on the shoulder of Hwy. 49 at the aid station. Any crew parking on the shoulder of Hwy. 49 will have her or his runner disqualified.

Let's get me through as quickly as possible. No posing for Photos - you'll have to get candid ones if you want them. Coke or coffee to drink and coke in one water bottle. Bring a can - the aid station may be uptight about me filling a whole bottle. Coke cans hold 12oz, my bottles hold 24oz - need two cans plus extra for Laura.

Finish line (mile 100.2)

I'll need warm clothes here. Sweats, fleece jacket, birkenstocks, etc. (Green Bag) Also take bottle of Isopropyl alcohol and paper towels.

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