The Western States Run 2003

OK, one step at a time. First, I am in. Having failed to make it via the lottery, or special consideration, the Stevens Creek Striders have given me their Western States Bye, a single bypass of the lottery that they get as a perk for running the strategic Last Chance aid station. I am eternally grateful. Now I just have to make sure I don't screw up the procedure with Greg.

This is a copy of the 2001 web page. I'll modify it as training takes shape. I'm definitely looking to train for this one and see what time I can get. 2003 will again be run with the new section replacing the burned Duncan Canyon trail. I suspect that the course is a little faster. I'm looking for a sub 21hr time.

Speaking of training, Pierre Tardif and Sophia Lewis will either beat me into the ground or I'll be in great shape by June 28. I'll add a picture sometime soon.

Once again, so that Dan cannot accuse me of keeping secrets, all my crew notes, food and drink plans, pacer stuff, etc. are on this website.

I've made reservations for Auburn early this year. We have three rooms - two with king sized beds, one with two doubles, all no smoking and in the Foothills Motel. Sean and Laura are coming to help crew, and I'm not sure about Evan or anyone else who may help. I'll cancel one room or try and make changes if needs change.

I'm hoping that Laura Vaughan will pace me again this year but she hasn't responded to my e-mail yet so I will have to wait and see. Crew for 2001 were (top, from the left) Lori Fagundes, Cathy, and Pat Heck as Crew and (left, with John Medinger at the MiWok 100k) Laura Vaughan as a Pacer.

Well, Laura V. has already committed to pace a friend but will run with me from Foresthill to the River - she declined to pace me from Squaw valley. Chris Luberecki has agreed to take the River to Finish leg. He comes highly recommended by Laura! I'll attempt to get a picture.

I assume that race management has completely given up on using the Quarry at the Highway 49 crossing for crew parking and the aid station. The following are my comments from a few years back, but I doubt that anyone is making an effort to regain its use. There are a number of problems - the quarry has closed and the property is for sale, some legal issues, and last year one family went with their kids and lost track of one briefly. Before any one was able to locate him 911 Search and Rescue had been called and a 4 year old lost in a quarry reported! If it sells before the race it might be possible to negotiate something. If not the Aid Station will be on the other side of 49 and there will be no parking. In this case a shuttle will bring people in from Cool. There is a Pizza place there and they might have someone calling in with a warning as to when runners are about half an hour from arriving. I could give up on having the crew here as Laura hustled me through last year, but being handed a full bottle of Coke without having to wait was really appreciated. I'll attend the Crew Briefing and give an update last minute. Also, see the crew notes for more information.

So far this year most of my longer distance training has been with Sophia Lewis, Pierre Tardif (both are running the race this year), and Brian Robinson. With the exception of the MiWok 100k, I'll keep most training races at 50k or below. I'll also attend the Memorial Day weekend training camp in Foresthill and will get some altitude acclimation the weekend before the race. I have a well seasoned Crew and a Pacer that is second to none. So, if I can keep under control at the beginning and run smart, I could get a respectable time. But then a lot can go wrong in a 100 mile run, so we will see.

The picture on the right, of Brian, Sophia, and me, was taken after a training run to the beach mid February.

Latest on Motel situation

Both rooms are now at the Foothills Motel. The roll-away bed has been on, off again, and is on at the moment. Watch for late breaking news.

Food this year

OK, I'll give up on the sandwiches and MET-Rx bars this year - they really are too dry to eat well into the run - but I do need to try and eat something. Food with some fat and protein help offset the huge amounts of carbohydrate I get from the Gatorade. I'll cook up some hard boiled eggs, put them in a cooler, and see if I can get them down. Tea always seems to work as a fluid change and some milk should be OK if I don't overdo it. Let's keep a couple of cans of Ensure handy as well.

New this year, I will attempt to lay on Häagen-Dazs ice cream for Michigan Bluff. When doing my pre-race visualization exercises, I picture myself walking out of the aid station knoshing on a dark chocholate and vanilla bar. On the run to Waddel Beach this always seems to go down well and gives me a lift after I've eaten it. It should help with the uphill section before I drop into Volcano Canyon. I'll get Dry Ice and the ice cream before the Race and keep it in a small cooler. If I have a problem, Wortons Market two miles before Foresthill stocks the bars but not Dry Ice. I'll get a bunch - you can give some to Brooke and Pete, if they come through while you are there, and the crew can eat the rest.


This year, due to his untiring efforts, team marketing director Pete Klebofski has secured lucrative sponsorships for the three of us who have been training together:

Brooke Stasiak, #382
Pete Klebofski, #243
Roger Dellor, #140

We all highly recommend GU, "The Energy Gel for Quick Quality Energy", and Bag Balm, "Like having another hand on the farm".

We also have team tee-shirts for our crew. For those of you who are following the "live" action on the WS website, watch for the lime green shirts at the various crewing aid stations. You can get runner progress reports, checkpoint information, and pictures. The race starts at 5:00am on June 23rd and coverage should begin soon after.

This page last updated on February 17, 2003.