Some Pictures from 1997

Roger, Sean, and Evan
 on their bikes

The great bike trip of 1997. From the bottom: Roger, Sean, and Evan. This is the before picture. We don't have an after picture - Cathy didn't want to get out of the car (worried about the camera getting struck by lightening). We climbed up into the Rockies straight into a summer thunder storm.

Evan, here's the quiche recipe. Roger

The Bower family

The Bower-Rooneys briefly sit still

First picture of Tommy

Tommy pits self against machine

Second picture of Tommy

Teammate shows appreciation for star player

First picture of Brianne

Second picture of Brianne

Lady Brianne in ladybug tent

Bower-Rooney stars come in all shapes and sizes

Third picture of Brianne

Safety in numbers on slippery slopes of life

Fourth picture of Brianne

Well, maybe ONE little smile for Auntie Cathy

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