The yard in the Fall of '98

Here are a few pictures taken around the the garden during the fall. First a couple from the front of the house showing the Chinese Tallow trees dropping their leaves. In the first, on the left you can also see the hawthorn with its winter berries.

As before all the pictures can be viewed larger by clicking the left mouse button with the cursor over the small copy.

Front of house #1

Chinese Tallow Trees.

Front of house #2

The back yard. Ginko and raised beds with peppers in background, tallow tree in foreground. You can just make out the fence that Dad helped me put up.

Backyard #1

Another tallow tree in the back yard.

Backyard #2

Yet another view of the backyard.

Backyard #3

And now some of Evan's peppers.

First the milder ones.

Peppers #1

Habanero, the really hot one, reflected in the kitchen counter.

Peppers #2

More peppers on the counter.

Peppers #3

One of the many harvests.

Peppers #4

The Christmas cactus flowered early this year.

Cactus #1

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