Pictures for Mave of Her House and Cat

We visited the house Friday November 1st during a break in the rain. The walls are close to the upper floor but it is not in yet. I suspect they are working to finish one at a time and that Mave's will move faster when the one to the left is done.

Mother surveying
the progress
Mother and Gillian
(No hardhat because her
was done this morning)
I think this is the
living room door
from the hallway
The view from the downstairs loo
View from the back. It's the one on the left
Another view from the rear
I think this is how it will look
when finished
This one is similar but the garage
has been pushed out and converted
to another room
Poppy - and that's inches not centimeters
Another of Poppy - that's her chair
The garage door and frame arrives at no. 27
It's hers even when there's a
a drawer on it

This page last updated on November 10th 2002.