Pictures from the First Day

I dropped Cathy off at De Anza College at 6:30 on Friday morning and waited to watch everyone leave after the moving opening ceremony. The route took the walkers almost by our house, behind Rancho Shopping Center, then onto Covington and out to El Monte. I was able to check out the Covington School "Grab and Go" on the way to work.

In the evening I drove the entire length of the first day's 24 miles - it's a long way - did not find Cathy at the camp but did manage to get a few pictures before it was too dark.

Unloading the 30lb baggage allowance

Opening Ceremony, Cathy is below
center with green visor

The walk starts

"Grab & Go" at Covington School before the first walkers arrive
("Grab" on left, "Go" on right)

Evening at Camp One

Mobile Kitchen

Tent City

Under the heat lamps after a shower

This page last updated on July 30th 2000.