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The Dellor Family Home Page

Well, we are long overdue for an update of the home page but I'm not going to do it now. Evan finished his stint at Columbia several years back and is now at Berkeley so we certainly need a major rewrite.

Note: This is a 'home web page' (as distinct from a 'web home page') - holiday pictures, family scandals, etc. If your last name isn't Dellor or you don't know a Dellor, and you are still reading this, you probably need to find an activity that gets you away from your computer.
May I suggest jogging as a place to start?

The general idea is as follows. With Sean in Denver, Evan going to school at Columbia University in New York, and other members of the family scattered around the UK and Ireland, I thought that a 'Dellor Family Web page' could act as a focal point for the extended family. Over the last few years most of the younger generation have aquired web connections, in fact, we have web experience spanning 3+ generations.

So, this is the deal: If you're on the family tree (and we'll put that up as soon as Evan is comfortable with Java), send me news and I'll add it to the page. Anything that another member of the family might find interesting - jobs, vacations, school results, births, and, of course, pictures (snap-shots, doodles, newspaper clippings, etc.). Anything written is preferably sent by e-mail (I don't type fast) but hand writing will do, and I'll scan in any snap-shots I'm sent. Material doesn't have to be polished - just of interest. I'm expecting news from Dellors, Williams, Brookers, Heards, Streatfields, Bowers, etc.

Other sites of interest:

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This page last updated on March 28nd, 2003.